COVID-19 Testing Service

Flexible home testing tailored for your convenience and safety
  • Home self-test, low risk of infection
  • Flexible plans, choose according to report ready time
  • RT-PCR technology approved by WHO and Air Travel Bubble scheme, with 99.9% accuracy

Test anytime, anywhere without leaving your home

  • 1
    Order online
    Fill in personal info, address for sending and delivery test kits and pay.
  • 2
    Video consultation (except Health Code and Air Travel Bubble applicants)
    Consultation with a registered doctor to confirm suitability for the test and learn to collect sample.
  • 3
    Receive test kit
    Courier delivers the test kit to the door.
  • 4
    Collect sample yourself
    Collect deep throat saliva in the morning of the sample pick-up. Watch tutorial.
  • 5
    Send sample to the lab
    A trained courier will come to collect the sample and send it to the lab as soon as possible.
  • 6
    Get test report
    Persons with negative results will receive electronic reports.
Service includes:
  • 1-time video consultation
  • Test kit and sample transportation
  • Tested by accredited private labs
  • Negative test result for travelling
  • Professional customer support

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Deliver test kit and sample pick-up at your doorstep.
HK$1,380 and up
Private Testing Centre
Test at hospital and clinics
HK$2,000 and up
Booking Method1-click online bookingTelephone booking
Limited quota per centre
Report Receiving TimeQuickest within same daySame day or next day
Report Collection MethodElectronic report through emailPick-up in person
Test SchedulePatient’s preferenceLimited
Based on centre’s schedule and office hour
Queue TimeNo queuing requiredDepends on number of reservations
Risk of InfectionExtremely lowMedium
EligibilityAnyone with or without symptomsDepends on individual circumstances

Why Use Our Service

Get COVID-19 test kit at your doorstep

Please log in and schedule for the video consultation first.
COVID-19 Test Timeline
Day 1: Mon – Fri
Video Consultation
Day 2: Mon – Sat 9 AM – 12 PM
Collect your own sample in the morning
Courier pick up sample bottle at the door
Day 3: Mon – Sat After 2 PM
Electronic report ready
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  • You are required to have negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test result when entering Guangdong province and Macau.
    Unfortunately, FindDoc only provides RT-PCR test (deep throat saliva specimen collection). It cannot serve as a result proof when entering Guangdong province and Macau.

    Guangdong Province:

    Incoming passengers must hold a valid proof of a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test result within 24 hours issued by a medical institution recognised by the HKSAR Government (from the time the report is issued), and must still undergo a 14-day compulsory quarantine after entry. Incoming passengers must hold a hard or printed copy of a valid proof of a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test result required by the Guangdong Provincial Government, and allow sufficient time to pass the border.


    All persons entering Macau from Hong Kong would be required to present a valid proof of a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test result within 24 hours from the date of sample collection, issued by testing institutions recognised by the HKSAR Government (e.g. for a nucleic acid test conducted on August 6, the negative result report can be used for entering Macau on August 7), and the 14-day compulsory quarantine is still required after entry.

    * Source: The Government of Hong Kong Special Administration Region Press Releases on August 5&6, 2020. FindDoc is only responsible for providing medical certificates and cannot guarantee immigration issues. Customers need to understand the latest immigration policies and bear their own risks. FindDoc assumes no responsibility for immigration matters.

  • We value your privacy. All personal information provided by patients during consultation will be directly forwarded to clinics and laboratories. We will not disclose your personal information to third parties unless requested by the patient.
  • Sample is tested by local COVID-19 nucleic acid testing institutions recognised by the HKSAR Government.

  • This test is not suitable to the following people: children under 6 years old or who have undergone throat surgery, have severe dry coughing, sore throat, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, severe or persistent dizziness, severe diarrhea, severe fatigue, muscle aches and pains, loss of taste or smell, high fever, confusion or unresponsiveness, or other serious symptoms requiring immediate medical attention. If the symptoms are severe, please seek medical advice from a hospital or clinic as soon as possible.
  • We recommend you to confirm whether the patient is suitable for the COVID-19 test (see the above question for details) before payment. If you cancel the test after purchase, FindDoc will charge an administrative fee of HK$500.
  • Persons under the age of 18 must be represented by a parent or guardian in requesting and, if authorized, performing the test.
    If you are unable to collect a deep throat saliva sample for an infant or child, you may consider arranging for a trained health care assistant to collect a throat swab or nasal swab for him/her at your home. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact our FindDoc customer service via WhatsApp.
  • Please prepare a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone that is connected to the Internet and equipped with a webcam and microphone in advance. The patient need to prepare HKID (or identification document) and register 15 minutes prior to the appointment, and then wait for the doctor to go online.
  • The doctor needs to confirm your identity before the consultation, so before the video consultation starts, FindDoc specialist will ask the patient to present the identification document to verify the identity, and check the audio and video of your device are working well.
  • If you want to obtain a medical certificate from a doctor through FindDoc, you need to pay an administrative fee of HK$200, and the certificate will be delivered to the designated address by delivery.
  • If you would like to reschedule, please contact us at and we will follow up as soon as possible. Each appointment can only be changed once and must be changed no less than 24 hours before the start of the video consultation, otherwise, FindDoc will charge you for the service. If you need to make a new appointment due to absence*, FindDoc will charge you for the service.

    Definition of Absence: Patient who has not entered the Zoom meeting 10 minutes after the start of the video consultation.

  • FindDoc can provide receipts and attendance certificates for insurance claims. Please check with your insurance company for the terms.
  • After the test kit is delivered to your home, a trained courier will retrieve the specimen from your home and deliver it to the designated laboratory.
  • To ensure the accuracy of the test, please keep the testing kit in good condition and collect the deep throat saliva sample by following the sampling procedure instructions in the test kit after getting up and before brushing teeth, rinsing the mouth and eating on the same day the courier pick-up the sample.

  • After you complete the appointment and payment, once the order is confirmed, the courier will deliver the test kit to your home or designated address at your designated session and will pick up the sample at your designated session and send it to the laboratory. To ensure the accuracy of the test, the patient needs to collect samples on the day the courier pick-up.

  • Delivery service is temporarily not applicable to the following areas:

    New Territories: Brides Pool, Mong Tseng Wai, Nim Wan, Sheung / Ha Pak Nai, Nam Sang Wai, Lung Kwu Tan, Lady MacLehose Holiday Village, Wong Shek Pier, High Island Reservoir, Po Toi O, Tai Au Mun, Yung Shue O, Tai Mong Tsai, Pak Tam Chung, Kam Shan, Tseng Tau, Ma On Shan Tsuen, Sha Tau Kok, Ta Shek Wu, Luk Keng, Wu Kau Tang, Sheung Shui Wa Shan, Ta Kwu Ling and Sandy Ridge.

    Islands: Ngong Ping, Pui O, Tai O, Tong Fuk, Mui Wo, Tung Chung Road, Tai Long Wan Village, Asia Expo, Ma Wan, Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port, Discovery Bay, Siu Ho Wan, Cheung Chau and all outlying islands.

    Others: Frontier Closed Area, Lo Wu, Lok Ma Chau and Man Kam To.

    Surcharge for Walled Villages, Tung Chung or other remote areas:

    If a customer needs test kit delivery service and specimen pick-up service for Walled Villages, Tung Chung or other remote areas, he / she needs to pay an extra delivery fee of HK$50 to HK$200. (Extra delivery fee collected by FindDoc on behalf of logistics partners)

  • After submitting the sample, if your test result is negative, you will receive an email with an electronic test report within 1-2 working days. If your test result is positive, you will be notified by the Department of Health and arranged for treatment.
  • For COVID-19 test service with video consultation:

    • If the service is cancelled more than 48 hours in advance of the video consultation time, the payment will be refunded subject to the deduction of 20% of the payment as handling charges and administrative fees. If the cancellation is made within 48 hours before the consultation or made after the consultation, the payment is not refundable.
    • If the delivery of the test kit has been arranged or the test kit has been delivered to the designated address before the cancellation, the payment is non-refundable.
    • Cancellation of testing service after the consultation is applicable if the customer is not suitable for the COVID-19 nucleic acid test after assessment of his/her conditions or symptoms by a medical professional in the consultation. The payment will be refunded after deduction of service and administrative fees of HK$500.
  • Terms and Agreement

COVID-19 Test Information

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