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On-demand telemedicine at home

  • Remote diagnosis and drug delivery minimizes risk of infection
  • Quick and easy, get personal care
  • Telemedicine relieves pressure on the public healthcare system
Response to COVID-19
COVID-19 Test is available now to protect your health and your community. See a doctor online, collect the specimen and deliver to a laboratory for testing without leaving your home.
* Laboratory test provided by the Department of Health is only available to patients with fever or respiratory symptoms like cough and runny nose.
* If you do not experience any of these symptoms, please choose to have your specimen tested by a private laboratory.
How It Works
  1. Online booking & payment*
  2. * We accept
  3. Confirm appointment
  4. VC with doctor
  5. Medicine delivery or pick-up
  6. Test kit delivery
  7. Collect deep throat saliva at home
  8. Deliver specimen to the lab
  9. Get test result
  • The process may vary depending on individual clinic
  • Book your appointment online if you need detailed diagnostic. Dial 999 for emergency help.
Doctor List
  • Cheng Nga Sum

    Counselling Psychologist

    Cantonese, English

    Work Stress, Career-Life Planning and Development, Aptitude assessment, Life-Transition Adjustment, Youth Counseling, Parenting, Family Dynamic, Interpersonal relationship difficulties, Self-Growth, Childhood Trauma, Positive Psychology, Positive Development

    M. Soc. Sc in Counselling Psychology, B.A. in Psychology, Member of the Division of Counselling Psychology, HKPS, Lifetime Member of PSI CHI – The International Honour Society in Psychology

    Video Consultation Time Slots
  • Fung Yat Kin

    Clinical Psychologist

    Cantonese, English

    Depression, Low Mood, And Bipolar Disorder, General Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic Attack Or Panic Disorder, And Phobias, Obsessions And Compulsions, Transitions And Life Changes, Trauma And Stress-related Issues, Personality Issues, Including Persistent Patterns Of Dysfunctional Or Maladaptive Behavior, Thoughts And Emotions Such As Self-centeredness, Volatility, Lack Of Empathy And Others., Couple And Relationship Therapy, Addresses Issues Including Communication, Commitment And Trust, Physical And Emotional Intimacy, Conflict Management And Compromise, Physical And Emotional Abuse, Infidelity, Repairing And Rebuilding, Recovery From Loss, Parenting Issues, Including Communication And Emotion Coaching

    PsyD (USA), MA (USA), MSocSci (HK), BSc (NZ), Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Level 3 trained), Registered Clinical Psychologist (HKADCP, PsyBA, NZPB), Member, Australian Psychological Society, Fellow, APS College of Clinical Psychologists, Member, Singapore Psychological Society

    Video Consultation Time Slots

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Book video consultation for doctors providing COVID-19 Test, some doctors provide both public and private laboratory referral service.
    2. If your doctor determines that you need a COVID-19 Test, we will pick up the test kit from the clinic and deliver it to your home.
    3. Collect deep throat saliva samples by following the sampling procedure instructions in the test kit.
    4. The sample will be collected from your home and delivered to a designated laboratory under the Department of Health or private laboratory for analysis.
    5. You will be notified of the test result within 3 working days for DH laboratory or 1-2 working days for private laboratory after submission.
  • Sample testing arranged by the Department of Health is only applicable to patients with fever and/or respiratory symptoms such as cough and runny nose. If you do not have those symptoms and wish to have the test, please choose a private laboratory for the test instead.

  • If you need a medical certificate for school, work or travel, please raise during the video consultation.

  • With the advancement of technology, video consultation has become more popular and mature in other countries, thus reducing the travelling time for patients.

    FindDoc’s video consultation service is provided by registered medical practitioners and experts with professional qualifications and certification, so you will receive appropriate medical advice and treatment at home. The information you provided during the process is only for video consultation purposes and is kept strictly confidential.

  • Video consultation is only for mild and non-emergent symptoms. If you experience a complex or serious condition which requires a detailed assessment and diagnosis, please book doctors online. If your condition is critical, dial 999 or go to A&E immediately.

    1. Please Log In or register first
    2. Choose your preferred doctor or specialist
    3. Select an available time slot for booking
    4. Follow the instruction to fill in and verify personal information
    5. Choose delivery to door (HK$100) or self pick-up (if applicable)
    6. Verify your mobile number
    7. Enter discount code (if any) and credit card info (please note video consultation fee for specialist does not include the fee for drugs, reagents or any tests. Additional charges may apply after diagnosis)
    8. You will receive an email from FindDoc after payment. We will refer your appointment to the doctor or expert immediately. Once the doctor or expert confirms your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the video consultation
    9. FindDoc will arrange someone to contact you prior to your consultation, to verify your identity, condition and collect necessary personal info.

    Before the consultation, prepare a PC, tablet or mobile phone with webcam and Internet connection. Visit the consultation link in the email 15 mins before the consultation, and wait for your doctor or expert to online. View video demo on the booking process

  • Doctor or specialist may prescribe medication after the video consultation, you will receive the medicine either delivered to door (HK$100) or self pick-up.

    1. If you choose to deliver to door, FindDoc will contact you for follow-up. Please pay attention to messages sent to your phone and email. If you do not require a prescription, we will arrange a refund of the cost of the medication delivery.
    2. If you choose self pick-up, you or a designated person will need to bring your identity card to the location, and pick up at the clinic on time.
  • Our site uses Stripe payment system which accepts Visa, Mastercard and AE credit card. Payments are encrypted by Stripe’s server for maximum security. Your credit card information is not stored on our server.

  • FindDoc will arrange someone to contact you and your scheduled doctor or expert before the video consultation, to make sure the webcam and microphone are working properly. If you have any issues during the video consultation, please contact us via the live chat on our website or email us at, we will follow up immediately.

    1. If you want to change the appointment schedule, you may email us at, we will follow up as soon as possible. You can change your appointment once (1 time) 24 hours before the appointment time, otherwise, FindDoc will charge you service fee.
    2. If you need to reschedule your appointment because of no-show, FindDoc will charge you service fee. (Definition of no-show: Not entered Zoom meeting within 10 minutes of the appointment time)
  • Please check with your insurance service provider to see whether your plan covers the video consultation service provided by FindDoc, and the documents required for an insurance claim. If you need our assistance, please tell us before the video consultation or ask the doctor during the video consultation.

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