NASK N99 Nanofibre Respirator

NASK N99 Nanofibre Respirator



Introducing the NASK N99 Nanofiber Respirator - the ultimate in premium respiratory protection.

Made in Hong Kong with cutting-edge nanofiber technology, this respirator offers superior filtration efficiency, making it 99% effective at blocking airborne particles, bacteria, and viruses.

Designed for maximum safety and comfort, the NASK N99 Nanofiber Respirator is the perfect choice for healthcare professionals who demand the highest level of protection.


  • ✅ Superior filtration efficiency - The NASK N99 Nanofiber Respirator offers 99% effectiveness in blocking airborne particles, including MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size) particles, keeping you and your patients safe.
  • ✅ Bacteria and virus-killing properties - With the capability of killing over 99% of bacteria within 5 minutes and effectively trapping viruses, this respirator reduces cross-contamination and ensures the safety of you and your patients.
  • ✅ Lightweight and breathable - The NASK N99 Nanofiber Respirator's super lightweight and breathable design makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods.

As a premium product, the NASK N99 Nanofiber Respirator comes at a premium price, but when it comes to the safety and comfort of you and your patients, the price is worth it.

Don't settle for less - choose the best with the NASK N99 Nanofiber Respirator and experience the difference in quality and performance.

Order now and get a package of 50 NASK N99 Nanofiber Respirators for your needs. Trust NASK to make your practice safer today.


NASK is a leading manufacturer of advanced respiratory protection solutions, established in 2015 by Profit Royal Pharmaceutical Limited. Operating under the motto "Protect with Technology", NASK is committed to creating products that are not only technologically advanced but also commercially viable to benefit society as a whole.

The company specialises in the development and production of high-quality nanofibre respirators, designed to provide maximum safety and comfort for medical professionals and individuals in need of respiratory protection. Using cutting-edge nanofibre technology, NASK's respirators offer superior filtration efficiency, making them 99% effective at blocking airborne particles, bacteria, and viruses.

Committed to providing the highest level of protection, NASK's products are rigorously tested and meet the most stringent international safety standards. Choose NASK for top-of-the-line respiratory protection solutions that you can trust. The company's respirators have been proven to be an effective tool for safeguarding the medical community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Trust NASK to protect you, your staff and your patients with the peace of mind that comes with using the highest quality respiratory protection on the market.